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Daylight Adventures & Safaris is committed to offering top-notch assistance to independent travel agents who offer a range of options, including luxury trips, mid-range tours, and budget tour options. You can count on us to provide a whole planning service, including travel arrangements and specialty activities, for thoughtfully planned vacations in carefully chosen Kenyan Destinations that match your clients’ vacation interests, whether you’re a home-based or brick-and-mortar agent.

You can be sure of personalized planning by a team of local experts who know the area intimately through frequent visits and can direct your clients to a perfectly satisfying experience through distinctive local lodging and logistical suppliers with seamless travel design rather than relying on computerized bookings, yesteryear cluttered brochures, outdated guidebooks, and overwhelming confusing reviews.

This service is especially useful for travel organizations that frequently require dependable, specialized teams of Kenya tour providers as well as for smaller operators that wish to collaborate with carefully chosen partners. As a  safari operator at Tourism Regulatory Authority – (TRA), Daylight Adventures & Safaris indulges in thoroughness to analyze and supply customers’ dream safaris in the wilds of Kenya by crafting flawless itineraries and on-the-ground experiences.

We recognize the value of both your and your clients’ time. We are accessible for consulting, helping you plan every aspect of the most effective ways to accomplish your goals, and creating completely satisfying, enduring East African travel experiences. Safari excursions can be dangerous for inexperienced agents who do not regularly work on the ground.

Through your selection of the best hosts, lodgings, and guides, together with the knowledgeable experience of Daylight Adventures & Safaris, who will delight your customers as like-minded persons, it is crucial to assure their safety in unfamiliar wilderness settings.To arrange a magnificent fantasy vacation for your client, get in touch with us right away.

Daylight Adventures & Safaris is committed to offering an unwaveringly independent service in the promotion of African travel. Our loyalty lies with our partners and agents, and we firmly uphold ethical standards. We do not take shortcuts, engage in customer poaching, or undercut our valued agents and suppliers. Our primary goal is to contribute to your success, from the very first interaction with prospective clients to the completion of a memorable African safari adventure for delighted travelers. We bring forth our expertise, local insights, extensive contacts, and valuable resources to ensure your success, providing assistance in training, meticulous planning, and continuous support.

For agents genuinely dedicated to African travel and tourism, we also provide exceptional opportunities. Through familiarization and educational programs, agents can personally partake in vacation tours at a subsidized rate, allowing you to gain firsthand experience of the intricate planning and organization required in unfamiliar wilderness and other destinations. This first-hand experience is a crucial investment in the quality and integrity of your business, fostering enthusiasm for African travel. It’s important to recognize that no two Daylight Adventures & Safaris experiences can ever be identical.

Promoting the destinations, services, and products will be more compelling as they are endorsed by your own direct experience. You will have confidence in their suitability for your customers’ needs and the array of possibilities available to accommodate special requirements. Furthermore, you’ll be well-versed in safety measures and essential prerequisites to ensure the successful outcome of every excursion in the unique wilderness of our continent.

This direct contact also equips you to enthusiastically highlight the enlightening and exciting possibilities of this significant investment for your patrons. You can clearly explain what they can anticipate and how their investment will be allocated, infused with your personal zest derived from your own African holiday experience. There is no substitute for your genuine enthusiasm and confidence, and we remain committed to providing ongoing training and support throughout.

Get in touch with our safari specialists today to initiate the partnership process and start your adventure!

Featured tours

Featured Tours

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6-Day Amboseli, Naivasha & Mara Safari

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11-Day Kenya Wildlife Experience Safari

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